With the increased demands of finances and increment in prices, nowadays it’s becoming a hustle for parents to balance their work and life. It causes parents to remain stressed about their family and children and providing them with quality time.

As it is important for parents that their children receive proper education and quality care, daycare centers are becoming frontline rescues.

Therefore, parents continuously looking for quality and affordable daycare centers for their children.

Before getting into the details, let’s discuss some major types of childcare centers:

IN-HOME CHILDCARE: this type of childcare is when a childcare specialist’s team comes to your home to take care of your child.

FAMILY CHILD CARE: this childcare refers to when the care provider takes care of your child in their home.


According to Data USA: La Porte TX, From 2020 to 2021, employment in La Porte, TX declined at a rate of −0.705%, from 17k employees to 16.9k employees.

A Possible reason for this decline in employment can be disability to manage work and life. Or any other reason can also account for this. But if we consider the work-life imbalance to be the reason,  it is not a long-term solution to quit a job.

If you, like every other parent, want to give your child a proper education in a safe and nurturing environment, find an affordable daycare in La Porte.

But, to our surprise parents face many challenges while choosing an affordable daycare for their child in La Porte TX. These challenges include:

Quality standards

When parents are looking for an affordable daycare, they take note of the education standards of the daycare they are choosing. Whether the early childhood education your child needs is provided efficiently or not? This is the biggest challenge faced by parents.

The Infrastructure of the Daycare

While selecting the best and most affordable daycare for children, parents face the challenges of infrastructure. Before enrolling your child in a daycare, it is necessary to examine the location of the daycare, its environment, the number of children, and indoor and outdoor activities for children to keep them engaged. These factors are highly important for parents so it becomes challenging to find such daycares.

Costs of the daycares

Nowadays it is very costly to send your child to high-quality daycare. Parents think they want to choose high-quality daycare for their child, but when it comes to costs those parents who can’t afford to pay for such prices fail to send their child to daycare.

According to the Child Care Aware of America 2021 report, the average cost of daycare per month in Texas is $813 for infants, $744 for toddlers, and $669 for preschoolers.


There definitely is a solution to these challenges. 

High Achievers Learning Centre (HALC) is providing exceptional services of child care assistance and nurturing education programs for your little loved ones.

We have a team of trained childcare professionals who make sure that your children get proper quality education when you are busy managing your work. This helps you rest assured that your child is learning new things in a safe and affordable daycare.

If you are looking for affordable daycare in La Porte TX, go for HALC. We provide highly interactive age-appropriate activities to teach your children. With the exceptional skills of children’s education management, we never fail to satisfy our clients.

Our location: 10001 Spencer Hwy, La Porte, TX 77571

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday (6:00 am-7:00 pm)

                                       Saturday-Sunday (closed)

HALC’s Head Start program includes exceptional care for children aged 6 weeks through 12 years. We have different programs for infants, toddlers, pre-school and after-school. As well as summer camps.

High Achievers Learning Centre provides affordable daycare services in La Porte TX to ensure your child’s bright future.

To prove the effectiveness of our daycare services, we ask for review from our clients. We have impressive testimonials and reviews from our clients who happily enjoy our daycare services. This gives them peace of mind that their children are getting physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively nourished by trained professionals.


We have a very easy and fast enrollment process. It includes verification of your documents (mentioned on our website), immunization certificates and the custody papers (if any) of your child.

And with that provided your child is ready to be enrolled in high achievers learning center’s daycare.

Key takeaways

Avail of expert and affordable daycare services of  High Achievers Learning Centre to establish a perfect learning base for your child.

If you are living in La Porte TX and looking for an affordable daycare, contact us, and let’s discuss more about your requirements and our services.