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High Achievers Learning Center provides preschool education for the age range of 36-48 months kids.  We understand that at the age of 3 years, kids are transitioning from the phase of being infants and toddlers to preschool years. They undergo major physical and psychological changes.

  1. They develop language and literacy skills.
  2.  Social-emotional development.
  3. Development of problem-solving skills.

To ensure this transition is smooth, our preschool curriculum takes all the necessary steps. From designing meaningful learning objectives to providing early childhood education, our staff and teachers stay vigilant.

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What do you think would be the thoughts and cognitions of a three-year-old kid?

Well, kids of this age are very creative in their thinking and overall performance. Both Academically and socially. They learn many new things and adopt what they observe.

Therefore, we use certain teaching methods that allow kids to learn easily. These methods include:

  • Use of play-based learning techniques for effective learning.
  • Teaching in an outdoor environment for the development of social skills.
  • Use of activities that encourage child development. Music, sensory learning, outdoor play, etc are included in it.

Our preschool education program also helps young children to understand many maths concepts. They include:

  •  Attribution.
  • Classifications.
  •  Patterns.
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Our client testimonials and reviews are proof of how parents are satisfied with our daycare service in La Porte Texas.
Have a look!

“Mrs Miner and her staff are phenomenal. My kids have learned so much and have been excelling since starting at High Achievers Learning Center”

Rebeka Donowan,

“My daughter loves this place! She's like "Bye Mom" That makes me Happy knowing she enjoys it”

Leticia Garcia,

“ I found High Achievers Learning Center extremely caring. They do not only take care of my child but are also preparing him for the entry test school”


“High Achievers Learning Center has exceeded my expectations they take really good care of my son great with communication, keep me updated throughout the day on my son's care, are informative, and have a great positive attitude.., the daycare is clean, and organized if your looking for a good fit for your child I would recommend you to take a tour with them”

Laura Catherine,

Love this place best childcare in La Porte, Texas. I wouldn't send my child anywhere else she has learned so much from attending here all the faculty is so amazing I recommend them to everyone affordable and all in all great place”

Emmica Robin,

“Very professional and clean and takes good care of my little girl....couldn't wish for a better facility”

Tom Henry,