Increased rate of employment results in decreased availability of quality time for parents. This results in poor care of children.

Daycare centers act as a beacon of hope here. Parents can easily perform their office tasks while ensuring that their children are under safe supervision in the daycare center.

This level of trust and relief is achieved only when you are sure that your child’s daycare center has a safe environment. A safe and secure daycare center is more important for parents than a well-reputed one.

At High Achievers Learning Center, we provide a safe environment to our clients. Moreover, we are one of the most reputable daycare centers in La Porte TX.

We ensure the protection of children by creating an environment that’s not only safe but also fun and creative. This level of safety and creativity is achieved by our trained employees and volunteers who are dedicated to childcare services.


The moment a child enters our daycare center, we ensure to set up a safe environment for them. We do not compromise on our children’s safety. Here is a detailed overview of the steps we take to create a safe space and stimulating environment for our valuable little ones.

Proper health and hygiene

Health is the first and foremost factor when it comes to the safety of children. We ensure that the environment of our daycare center is fully up to the standards of health and hygiene. At HALC, we maintain cleanliness by sanitizing every corner of our daycare center. It includes the sanitization of toys and other belongings of children along with the play area. Moreover, daily hygiene check-ups and cleaning of common surfaces are carried out to kill germs. It prevents illnesses and is a top contributing factor to our health and hygiene policy.

Trained staff

We have trained safe environment coordinators who go through a series of sessions and training related to child safety. It includes CPR training and first-aid treatments for emergencies. Safe sleep practices to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. In addition to this, prevention of child abuse is the major concern of our daycare center. It assures that your child is in capable hands. 

Secure facilities

Apart from the security of children, we make sure that our center is secure too. For this purpose, we make sure to have only registered personnel to visit and meet the children. Moreover, the proper entry and exit of your child is monitored to avoid any mishaps and potential hazards.

Strict supervision

We maintain a safe environment in our daycare center by constantly monitoring the activities of children. This rest assured the parents that their precious children are not left unattended.

These were the main steps High Achievers Learning Centre takes to create and maintain a safe environment in our daycare center. Now let’s move towards the step we take to ensure a stimulating environment in our daycare center.

Age-appropriate activities

At our daycare center, we cater to children of different ages. From infants to toddlers, then moving up to young children of the age of 12 years. It requires us to design the education programs in such a way that it fulfills the requirements of each age group.

We do not disappoint our clients in this regard. Our curriculum is designed in a way that enables each child to learn, grow and explore appropriately.

Creative play spaces

Playing is the favorite activity of children, as we all know that. Hence, we have designed the play areas of our daycare center in such a way that they are very exploratory and creative. 

From indoor games to outdoor sports, we ensure that your child learns new and inspiring skills along with fun and creativity.

Qualified educators

High Achievers Learning Center comprises highly qualified teachers and educational staff. They create interactive lesson plans that not only contribute to teaching children curricular knowledge but cognitive, emotional support and social skills as well. This not only creates a safe learning environment but also develops many new skills in children.

Technology management

We understand that it’s a digitalized era. We also support the idea that through appropriate usage, technology can be used as an important tool for learning and discovery.

That’s why we do not restrain our children from using technology and gadgets for learning. Rather we keep a strong background check and proper track of how technology is being utilized at our daycare center. This helps us create a digitally safe environment for our daycare center to assure parents that their children are safe and secure.

Key takeaways

We at High Achievers Learning Center provide excellent daycare services to the children. Especially for parents who somehow cannot manage to provide quality care to their little ones.

With high standards of education and safety, we ensure learning, growth and exploration in a very interactive environment. that not only supports their physical safety but safety in health, fitness, social relations and technology as well.

Become a part of HALC’s daycare center and nourish your child’s learning under our professional supervision.